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R.I.P in Peace to my website

Turns out Wix makes you pay like 140 bucks a year to keep the domain and I'm a broke ass bitch at the moment. I fucking liked having a website and genuinely am gonna be kinda bummed out that it's gone but it is what it is.

Next time you see a cowboy riding his horse along the side of a highway stop for a moment to think "why doesn't he just get a car" or "Who even is a cowboy nowadays, why's he doing that? There must be a better thing to be" and as you're thinking that you'll know in your heart of hearts the answer. Because damnit he's a cowboy and that's what he's gonna do no matter what. No got danged industrial revolution or new fangled technolorgy can replace the peaceful simplicity in a life revolved around a sunset and a can of beans.

Good idea number 1: Buy a horse, name it trigger, and ride around the wild west shootin revolvers and tellin stories 'round a campfire.

Good idea number 2: ... I think of that once number 1 get boring, yee haw I'm gonna go be a cowboy. Fuck this living in society bullshit, all I need is the clothes on my back, a pocket full of dreams, and a deep burning love for the United States of America. Vietnam was tie, till the day I die.

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