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Question Reality

Looking at the bigger picture, the fact that anything exists in this universe is astonishing because it could have just as easily not.

Lets humor for a minute the idea that those science dudes are right and it all started with tiny little dot the size of a dung beetle's left nut (assuming of course the noble dung beetle had a nut sack, which of course they do not, as we all know beetles like all insects reproduce by dropping seeds into the soil which then grow into trees, and once a tree reaches maturity it collapses into a large pile of dung beetles. Thus is the circle of life)

But uh... yea reality right, totally bullshit.

What your telling me is that after a few trillions of years of exitance the universe just so happened to accidentally create life out of nothing? Like nothing, just an empty void that one day, just for the fuck of it, decided to start being full of planets and stars and shit. Energy. Then at some point humans started to exist and were just so much smarter then everything else that we started slapping tits and taking over the planet? And how lucky are we to be born human, could you imagine if you consciousness was stuck in the body of cow, or an octopus, or a sunflower or one of those deep see abominations? Fish don't even have arms, I bet that sucks. I mean birds don't have arms either but at least they can fly so that's pretty cool. Of course flying is a relative term , looking at it from the perspective of a crab crawling around the bottom of the ocean fish can fly. Who knows maybe its nice down there, maybe fish have it figured out and they're just down there laughing at us for breathing air like chumps and freaking out about making money (a thing that is just an idea invented by some guy at some point and if shit ever hits the fan holds no real value). Shit homie, maybe being human is like one of the worst experiences I don't know what tree is seeing maybe their reality is nice. I mean right now I'm sitting in my apartment with the curtains drawn, I can't perceive any other living things maybe I'm the only thing that exists in universe right now. I know how to interact with all of the objects in here but I don't know how any of them work. If I was gonna keep someone trapped in a Truman show type of existence this is how I'd do it. Give them a small box of space, isolated from the outside world, fill it stuff that stimulates them and make it comfortable enough that once they do start realizing its all an elaborate illusion they didn't care because whatever reality is, this one is pretty good compared to others. I got a magic rectangle that I can use to summon anything I want from the online and a Netflix subscription, I'm set.

I keep getting distracted and losing my train of thought. We were all lucky enough that the physical manifestation our conscious energy is humanity, and in America too, dawg I've been to a lot of the places on this planet and can tell you that by a fucking mile this is the best part. There I go getting off track again, it's weird that when you try to articulate you thoughts on why reality is an elaborate illusion and generally complete bullshit, your "brain" will start thinking up a bunch of tangents to try and distract you, and damnit it's working. I'm not gonna sit here and pretend I didn't fall for it. I am totally lost in the system, I want to be rich and famous, look like a movie star, spend my days fucking beautiful women and sipping tropical rum cocktails on a beach somewhere. Because perception is reality and in my personal version of existence that's best case scenario. My big concern is that I bet that's when they pull the VR goggles off. One minute I'm sitting a beach maintaining a good buzz getting a blow job then BLAM-O! The aliens yoink the headset off and I'm really just sitting in the holodeck on a space ship with my dick hooked up to one of those machines they use to milk cows. Look to my left and Ashton Kutcher is standing there with microphone telling my I just got punked and my whole life up until that point has just been some galactic prank show.

I'd probably be a little annoyed by that until I remembered that I'm just a brain in jar getting shocked in all the right places to simulate sensory input and making me believe in this false reality. But it's whatever, I'm not complaining, my current existence is pretty good and I have no logical reason to believe it'll change anytime soon, at least not while I'm alive and sober from LSD

Good luck trying to follow this shit. Question reality, Question your own existence. Don't be a cunt. Peace

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