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Ok here's my plan

I want to make this website like a maze. A whole bunch of different random pages, all with links to other parts of this website or just other random places. The general vibe I'm trying to get out into the world is that whatever reality is for you individually you have to believe it to an extent. Trust you perceptions, stay true to the system, and live your best life whatever that means to you. As long as your kind to people and nature you'll be chillin. Whatever the universe is, it keeps goin so sit back and enjoy the ride. Most people are unaware of reality, the exist in it but never stop to think about it. Dawg we're smart monkeys that eat burritos and piss in toilets, fish breathe water and swim around... that shit's wild

See that's a wonderful thing about my mind; I was writing this to explain my game plan for what I'm gonna do with this website and it only took me two sentences before I started questioning reality. I live in semi constant state of existential awe, I am fascinated by the fact that anything exists. Why are we us? Why is anything anything? Why isn't the universe just an empty void instead of being speckled with stars, planets, and occasionally life.


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