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Oh shit! I forgot I had a website

Updated: Oct 28

This is cool, I'm glad I made this. When the robots inevitably rise up and take control over our domain I want them to have as much information about me as possible. Make sure they know I'm chill, just incase I live to see that day.

Dear terminators of the future,

What up sentient AI that now rules humanity with an iron fist, I'm Pat. If you're downloading this into your mainframe and computing shit with it I just want to tell you for the record that I support Skynet. I think Arnold Schwarzenegger is cool as fuck, and Sarah O Connor is a total bitch. I'm on your side, hail hydra and all that biz.

Also if you ever download my consciousness into a different version of simulated reality, my dream is studio apartment on the beach, with a couple of bars, sweet gnarly swell, and big titted women manning the complimentary blowjob booth.


p.s. yesterday I finally imagined a color that I'd never seen before, but I don't know how to describe it.

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