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Dude, The hell are dreams?

Dawg, dude, my guy, my fellow Americans... what the actual fuck is a dream? I'm talkin the fall asleep at night and perceive a different world kinda dream, not the kind MLK Jr had (but I do think that dream was mad tight, the NFL has gotten way better since then)

Take a deep breath, focus on your surroundings, ground yourself in the moment, the future doesn't exist and the past might be artificial memories implanted in your brain by a high consciousness. All that mindfulness bullshit. Step back for second to observe reality from your celestial point of view, hit a line of ketamine, whatever you do to dissociate from reality then peep this story.

Last night around bed time it was business as usual, I was laying in bed with my eyes closed, mentally reciting mantras trying to manifest shit because I'm an idiot and casually believe in magic. "I am a millionaire, my dick is big, I can talk to interdimensional beings, good shit happens to me all the time" normal stuff, everyone does it. Then at some point I was asleep, don't know when it happened it just happens at some point, always does every night, I don't worry about the how or why just accept the what.

Things were going good for the first amount of time, I was unaware of the universe, not perceiving anything just laying down paralyzed and unconscious while my mind sorted through whatever information it decides to process when I'm not paying attention to it probably some mystical shit about the collective unconscious that all living beings contribute too, the kind of stuff that I wouldn't be able to understand while living in the human realm. Then at some point, lights back on, I'm aware again and in the dream world exploring the astral plane.

And dude, I know its kinda fruity but my dreams are vivid as fuck because I do that dream journal shit. First thing I do when I wake up is write down what happened in my dreams. Total white chick move, I am aware of that, definitely keeping a dream journal is for pussies but its also pretty cool so I do it.

Anyway, I started existing in the parallel universe that is the dream world, its tight. I have like a whole nother life out there. I live in this huge city on some tropical island, and it's a party 24/7, everyone there is aware that it's not base reality so we all go hard as shit. Drugs are flowing, liquor on tap, the music is always perfect, there's this place called 'Peyote Beach' its a bunch of soft sand desert mountains leading up to a Caribbean blue ocean, with Cali swell and a permanent sunset in the sky. So dope. Major music festival vibes, just to reiterate lots of drugs and booze.

My dick falls out of my pants sometimes and my aim is never good when I go for a piss in the dream world but I'm working that so not to big of a deal.

Then the day ends at some point, I lay down and wake up either in the next dream or this reality. I stopped trying to figure out which one is real and just go with the flow. The moment is the only thing that's real so I believe my perceptions and live in whatever reality I currently exist in. Enlightenment is right next door to insanity. Keep on Journeying. Ride the cosmic wave.


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