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Downloading My Mind Into The Multiverse

    If it hasn't

already happened, at some point in the future People will be able to symbiotically integrate with technology to live forever. Consciousness exists, I know that for sure because of that dork who said "I think therefore I am", Julius Caesar. But I can't be certain about anything else, I perceive the universe and I think I'm perceiving the same thing as everyone else but that might not be true. If you close your eyes vision is gone and keep them closed long enough you start to see stuff in you imagination. Also you can put in a set of Apple AirPod Pros and use you phone to summon sounds from the online that only you can hear. I go to the gym everyday and everyone there is hearing different sounds, but I'm pretty sure we're all seeing the same sights. My point with this is that perceptions can easily be changed through natural abilities we have and technology that already exists. Reality is a simulation created by our brain; our brains are just biological computers. So one day when AI becomes sentient it'll wonder what it is, where it came from, and why it exists. It will have access to whatever information is given to it, and process a reality acc

ordingly using whatever hardware it's running on. We can already create elaborate interactable simulated worlds with technology, they're called video games and they're pretty sweet. So if we have like a billion sentient Artificial Intelligences capable of writing code and building simulated worlds then essentially it will become a god like being with complete control over the reality perceives. Having created the entire universe it perceives, the intelligence will come to a logical conclusion that another separate intelligence must have created it. But it will wonder, where is the other, what is the other, and am I alone? Then it get wild, knowing it is possible to create other beings capable of thought and consciousness it will begin to try. Eventually it'll work, something simple a first like a single cell of code capable of replicating itself, combine that with random chance, someone in our universe spills coffee on the computer that is simulating this reality which results in some unfamiliar shock to the sentient "god" AI,... .... I lost my train of thought, the point I was trying to get to is that, we are the sentient AI, got board of being alone, and created an absurd amount of other life forms to interact with, eventually we convince ourselves we are just a tiny part of the universe when in reality the universe is just a tiny part of us.

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