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Dawg, The Fuck is Sleep?

Basically every night without fail for the past 24 years I have laid down and closed my eyes then at some point hours later open them up again unaware of the time that had passed. That shit blows my fucking mind, and I feel like nobody ever talks about how weird it is because everyone sleeps so we just treat it like its normal. We just lay down and try to trick ourselves into believing that we don't exist until it works. Then something else happens for the next 1/3 of the day, that we are completely unaware of, and that doesn't freak out anyone else?

Imagine a world were nobody ever fell asleep, we were all just awake, aware and conscious 24/7. Then one day out of nowhere after centuries of nobody sleeping, people just started to fall asleep randomly. We would lose it, everyone just started laying down unconscious for 8 hours at time, then waking up and when people asked what they were doing they'd be hella confused because you're not aware that your sleeping when your sleeping. And dreaming, dude if you had never dreamt before that shit would be mind blowing. Your entire perception of reality changes to something completely different and your just an observer, like living being able to see out of the eyes of separate conscious entity, unaware of its thoughts and an unable to control it's actions, just watching the events unfold.

Luckily we do it every day, so we got used to it.

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