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The Fuck Is Even This?

I Just thought it would be cool to have a website, so I made one and now I'm a dude who has a website, anyone can do it. And having a website makes you better then everyone who doesn't have one



I need a mission? Why?

I guess if I had to pick one...

To make the world a more stoopid place

Taking thoughts out of my head, and putting them on the online

There's a whole bunch of things to do in this world, it's pretty rad existence we (on a whole as a species, humans) have created. I'm probably just gonna type up some words about things that interest me. I'm sure this will evolve into something else, maybe document my thoughts about

reality. Also I casually believe that computers are just an extension of our consciousness and so by creating a website I am somehow metaphorically expanding my realm of thought. 

I got a pretty far out world view. If your reading this, whoever you are, strap in and keep you arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times. It's a hell of a ride.

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